Kick-off INSPiRED

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The INSPiRED project kick-off meeting was held in October 2019 at TU Delft and LUMC Leiden, when the project was also scientifically launched. The formal two-day meeting was attended by all five  partners (including, Dr. Julien Mekong, head of the regional health services, Lambarene, Gabon), the four PhD students and their promoters, the Post-Docs and the finance officers for the project.

Activities included, amongst others, sessions on scientific content of the project, project management and stakeholder identification and planning of activities. A public symposium was held to enlighten the academia and general population on the project and the targeted diseases. Informal gatherings were held on the days before and after the symposium, including a visit to the LUMC Parasitology department and the relevant departments and labs of the TU Delft. A training workshop for the PhDs on “Design for Diagnostics for All” was held in Delft culminating in a joint presentation given in Leiden by the PhD students.