Rethinking the Top-Down Approach

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As we continue our efforts to improve access to diagnostics for schistosomiasis at the point of need, how else can we contribute to the shift from control to elimination of this infectious disease in sub-Saharan Africa? We acknowledge that the disease context is complex with an interplay of factors that may affect achieving the goals of the Neglected Tropical Disease 2021-2030 Roadmap. We are pleased to share our latest INSPiRED publication that highlights the challenges of the current treatment policy for schistosomiasis control. This paper further highlights innovative ways to move from control to elimination in sub-Saharan Africa. We discuss an approach that consists of a Systems Thinking Framework that embraces intersectoral collaboration and co-creating locally relevant strategies with affected communities. We then propose a pro-active bottom-up approach, that involves multiple stakeholders, that will pave the way for achieving the goals of the Neglected Tropical Disease 2021-2030 Roadmap. 

For the full paper, visit Onasanya, A et al., 2021. Rethinking the Top-Down Approach to Schistosomiasis Control and Elimination in Sub-Saharan Africa. Frontiers in Public Health, 9(99).”